Pyruvic Acid Peel

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20% Pyruvic Acid Peel for Middle & Deep Wrinkle Reduction

Chemical Peel
Alpha-Keto Acid
Middle and Deep Wrinkles
Illuminating lackluster skin
Combating skin laxity
Low molecular weight
Moisturizing and Anti-aging

Chemical Peel pH: 2.8 - 3.0 Skin Type: Normal

About Pyruvic Acid Peel

Derived from natural sources and widely acclaimed in dermatology, Pyruvic Acid Peel is a potent alpha-keto acid. Found naturally in fermented fruits, apples, and vinegar, it's also a byproduct of metabolic processes in our bodies.

Effectiveness via Lipophilicity:

With remarkable lipophilic properties, Pyruvic Acid Peel deeply penetrates the skin, thanks to its low molecular weight. This results in quick absorption, leaving the skin moisturized and rejuvenated. It targets middle and deep wrinkles, stimulating the synthesis of essential elastic fibers and glycoproteins for a youthful appearance.

Pyruvic Acid Peel Benefits:

  • Combating skin laxity
  • Fostering facial rejuvenation
  • Battling wrinkles
  • Illuminating lackluster skin

Client-Centered Approach:
At Timeless Beauty, we prioritize your well-being. While the 20% Pyruvic Acid Peel offers notable benefits, please note its incompatibility with sensitive skin and conditions like severe dermatitis and couperose.

(Note: We encourage you to consult our skincare professionals for personalized advice on selecting the best treatment options tailored to your individual needs.)


Pyruvic Acid Peel Timeless Beauty
Pyruvic Acid Peel Timeless Beauty

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