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About Timeless Beauty Amsterdam

Meet Natalia

Allow us to introduce Natalia Katereu, your dedicated partner in achieving radiant skin and enduring beauty. At Timeless Beauty, Natalia offers invigorating facials that blend advanced techniques with her signature touch. Her approach focuses on highlighting your natural allure, combining artistry with cutting-edge technology to bring out your best self.

Natalia's journey is rooted in a deep commitment to vitality and wellness. She believes in celebrating individuality and embraces clients of all backgrounds and ages. For her, beauty goes beyond the surface—it's about discovering inner confidence and embracing your unique identity with grace.

Guided by the principle of intelligent aging, Natalia invites you to embrace a journey of grace, health, and joy. She sees you as the focal point of a holistic approach to beauty, where luminous skin, a vibrant body, and a serene mind intersect. Natalia's mission is to empower your natural processes, revealing the beauty that resides within and radiates outward.

Timeless Beauty is more than just a studio—it's a sanctuary where authenticity reigns supreme. Natalia rejects fleeting trends in favor of accentuating your individual features. 
In addition to invigorating facials, Natalia also offers body massages and energy healing sessions. These treatments further enhance your well-being, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation from head to toe. With each massage and energy healing session, Natalia's expert hands work to release tension and restore balance, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

"Your skin reflects your soul's harmony," Natalia emphasizes.

At Timeless Beauty, customization is key. Natalia crafts personalized programs that adapt to your skin's evolving needs, ensuring each treatment is a true reflection of your unique beauty journey.

Natalia's expertise extends beyond surface-level skincare. She combines potent ingredients and innovative technologies to create tangible transformations. With over a decade of experience, Natalia's skill and dedication shine through in every treatment, creating a tapestry of health and radiance.

Thus, our mantras endures:

Healthy Lifestyle, Self Love & Kindness, and Inner Harmony.


Through care, compassion, and communion, Natalia and Timeless Beauty offer more than just treatments—they provide a path to your most radiant self.

Welcome to our world, where every touch is an affirmation of love, and every visit a cherished chapter in your voyage of perpetual