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Antioxidant Serum Nrj-Soin revitalizes and protects your skin against free radical damage, preventing aging and promoting overall skin health.

Recent research has shown that Nrj-Soin Serum effectively prevents post-inflammatory skin pigmentation after laser resurfacing and chemical peels treatments. If you live in a big city with high air pollution levels or if you smoke, incorporating Nrj-Soin Serum into your daily skincare routine is crucial. It provides your skin with the antioxidant support it needs to stay healthy and maintain a youthful, fresh look.

Key Awards:
Winner of the Attracta Beauty Awards 2022 in the UK for Best Treatment Serum, 

Key Ingredients:
Pure Alpine Water: Sourced from Swiss mountain glaciers, enriched with healing prebiotics and essential ions.
Potent Organic Antioxidant Complex: Derived from organic citruses, aloe vera, blueberry, and maple leaves, it protects against pollution and UV damage while brightening and revitalizing the skin.
Essential Vitamin Niacinamide: Boosts collagen synthesis, brightens pigmentation, and enhances skin protection.
Lightweight Gel Base: Moisturizes with sugar cane extract, while bilberry extract evens complexion and aloe vera calms inflammation.
Citrus Medica Extract: Infused with vitamin C, it adds glow and reduces signs of aging, while sweet orange extract detoxifies and reduces swelling.

Usage Instructions:
• Apply Nrj-Soin Serum twice daily to your face and neck.
• It's ophthalmologically tested and safe for the eye area to prevent signs of aging.
• For optimal results, integrate Nrj-Soin Serum into Meder's daily skincare routine:
Begin with the energizing niacinamide-based cleanser NRJ-Net.
Follow with your preferred day or night moisturizer and eye care products.

If you experience itching or other discomfort, stop using the serum and consult a beautician. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use the product in case of any violation of the integrity of the skin

Nrj Soin Serum - Meder Beauty Science
Nrj Soin Serum - Meder Beauty Science
Nrj Soin Serum - Meder Beauty Science

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