Me Time Facial Massage

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Treat Yourself with LOVE

When you see yourself trapped in work, taking care of your family, social life, kids, responsibilities, it's high time to give a small treat to yourself. 

The Benefits of ME TIME Facial Massages:
Me Time massage involves stimulating skin and certain pressure points on the face, neck and scalp, and shoulders. if you carry a lot of tension in your jaw the release is amazing!
More Emotional blockages can be released through facial and muscle manipulation

• Reduced appearance of fine lines and softening wrinkles
• Reduced swelling and puffiness
• Improved skin elasticity and firmness 
• Skin glow and vitality
• Relieved facial tension and jaw tightness
• Increased well being and relaxation
• Improved circulation 
• Reduced tension and stress 
• Improved skin texture and tone 

Face massage therapy brings numerous physical and mental benefits. If you are looking for a way to improve skin texture and tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote relaxation and stress relief face massage is the effective solution.

Incorporating face massages into your skincare routine can enhance skin healing and provide you with healthy skin and youthful-looking skin. Additionally, it can also be incorporated into body massages for an all-over relaxing experience.

• Inflammation of the skin;
• Other inflammatory conditions of the body (fever, tonsillitis);
• Recent injectables.
• Rosacea in exacerbation phase;
• Heavily couperose skin
• Occurrence of purulent inflammations around the teeth
• Cancers


Me Time Facial Massage

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