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Lumino-Derm Cream for Pigmentation Concerns

Lumino-Derm Cream targets stress-induced skin issues with anti-inflammatory properties, promoting your natural skin tone without lightening or causing harm. It also boosts skin resilience against UV damage, preventing pigmentation.

With added probiotics and prebiotics, Lumino-Derm Cream restores skin microbiome balance for long-lasting results.

Whether it's hormonal pigmentation or sunspots, Lumino-Derm Cream effectively addresses dark spots and pigmentation, leaving your skin silky and radiant.

This gentle cream soothes skin and enhances its defense against sun exposure, hormonal changes, and stress. Its powerful blend of peptides, amino acids, and plant extracts ensures visible and lasting results for all skin types, safe even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For optimal results, use twice daily for 8-10 weeks.

Key Ingredients:
Natural amino acid cysteamine: Protects skin from radiation and DNA damage.
Tranexamic acid: Provides a safe and potent brightening effect.
Peptide X50: Reduces melanin synthesis.
Licorice extract: Calms and brightens skin while enhancing protection.
Symbiotic Ecoskin: A blend of prebiotics and probiotics for deep moisturization, inflammation prevention, and enhanced skin resilience.

Lumino Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science
Lumino Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science

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