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Hydra-Fill is the go-to choice for pre-wedding, photo shoots, or any significant event, favored by celebrities and influencers alike. It visibly hydrates, fills, brightens, and evens out the complexion, leaving your skin with a healthy glow that will make you look and feel your best.

Hyaluronic acid moisturising face mask Hydra-Fill instantly replenishes dry skin, banishing signs of fatigue and dryness for a revitalised complexion. 

Key Awards:
Attracta Beauty Award 2021 — Best Moisturising Recyclable Mask
W.Icons Beauty Award 2022 — Best Sheet Mask
Beauty Bible Award 2022 — Best Mask for Dry Skin

Celebrity Endorsement:
Even Oscar-nominated actor Carey Mulligan swears by Hydra-Fill, stating that it transforms her skin within just 20 minutes.

Key Ingredients:
Powerful Hyaluronic Acid Gel:
Crafted from natural bamboo fibers, our sheet mask is infused with a potent ounce of active hyaluronic acid gel. This powerhouse ingredient replenishes moisture levels, improving your skin's ability to retain hydration and restoring its natural resilience.
Marine Complex for Deep Hydration: Enriched with a marine complex of algae and sea water, our mask delivers essential minerals to restore the skin barrier and promote deep hydration. Experience the nourishing effects as your skin is revitalized from within.
Advanced Anti-Inflammatory Peptides and Tranexamic Acid: Our cutting-edge formula includes anti-inflammatory peptides and tranexamic acid, known for their soothing properties and ability to lighten skin. This combination improves skin resilience and restores an even skin tone.

How to use:
• Carefully remove the mask from its sachet and unfold it.
• Place the mask over your face, ensuring the side openings align with your ears.
• Secure the loops over your ears and leave on for 20 minutes.
• Gently massage any remaining gel onto your skin.
• Use 1–2 times a week or as desired, combining with Hydra-Fill Concentrate daily for optimal results.

If you experience itching or other discomfort, stop using the mask and consult a beautician. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use the product in case of any violation of the integrity of the skin

Hydra Fill Mask - Meder Beauty Science
Hydra Fill Mask - Meder Beauty Science
Hydra Fill Mask - Meder Beauty Science
Hydra Fill Mask - Meder Beauty Science
Hydra Fill Mask - Meder Beauty Science

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