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Express Facials - Pamper Your Skin Quickly During Lunchtime

• Professionals seeking a revitalizing lunchtime boost
• Individuals preparing for special occasions
• Those yearning for a brief relaxation amidst their hectic routines

Take a Moment for Yourself: Amidst your busy schedule, indulge in a blend of scientific precision, relaxation, and personalized attention with our Express Facial. Refresh your skin during your lunch break, as we provide a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and relaxation tailored to your specific needs. Experience the transformative effects of our express facial treatment, leaving your skin supple and radiant in no time.

Express Facial Tailored to Your Lifestyle:

Express facials are tailor-made for individuals with packed schedules, offering a quick and efficient method to refresh your skin without disrupting your day.

Express vs. Traditional Facials:
The essence of express facials lies in their efficiency and scope. These treatments skip the extraction phase, ensuring a seamless experience. While they may not include extensive anti-aging massages or skin-tightening routines, they are a swift remedy for instant hydration and radiance.

Treatment includes:
• Thorough double cleansing for optimal skin readiness
• Manual exfoliation to rejuvenate your complexion
• A hydrating mask to infuse nourishment and revitalization
• Finishing creams to lock in hydration and provide protection

Important Note:
Please be aware that comedone extraction is not included in our express facials. For more comprehensive extraction needs, we recommend considering our thorough facial treatments.

Tailored to Your Skin:
At Timeless Beauty, we follow a dedicated protocol for express facials, carefully selecting products that cater to your specific skin needs. Your skin's health is our priority, ensuring that you receive a treatment that perfectly suits your requirements.

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