Eu Seb Treatment

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EU SEB Treatment: Microbiome Skincare for Acne and Oily Skin

Prebiotic Therapy
Acne / Comedone 
Inflammation Control
Sebum Regulation
Enlarged Pores
Oily Skin 
Breastfeeding-safe skincare
Pregnancy-safe skincare

About Eu Seb Treatment

Eu Seb Treatment by Meder Beauty Science offers prebiotic therapy tailored to address acne-prone skin, rosacea, persistent inflammation, visible pores, and more.

Ideal for those dealing with excessive sebum secretion, enlarged pores, comedones, and oily skin, this treatment focuses on restoring your skin's microbiome, essential for healthy skin flora.

Key Ingredients:

The science behind Eu Seb Treatment and the power of advanced biotechnological ingredients.
Featuring the potent prebiotic Bioecolia, this treatment has demonstrated impressive results in reducing acne-causing bacteria and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Noni plant stem cells work in tandem to combat acne bacteria and soothe inflammation, resulting in clearer, less red skin.
Maclura stem cell extract effectively regulates sebum production and minimizes comedones, all without causing discomfort.

During this transformative treatment, you'll also enjoy a soothing neck and shoulder massage, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Treatment frequency:

Varies based on the severity of your concerns, your skin's condition, and desired outcomes.
For optimal results, we recommend a series of 5 to 15 treatments spaced 3 to 7 days apart. To maintain results, incorporate homecare products into your routine and schedule 1 to 2 monthly treatments following the initial course.

75M – Clear skin- Happy skin.

Eu Seb Treatment Timeless Beauty
Eu Seb Treatment Timeless Beauty

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