Energy Healing Massage

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Be Centered, Be Here and Now

Harmony, Balance & Well-being
Emotional & Physical stress relief
Subtle energy realms
Deep relaxation
Personal growth
Mind-body-spirit integration
Resolution of life circumstances

What is Energy Healing Therapy Massage?

Energy Healing Massage entails the art of harmonizing and revitalizing your energy field, ushering in balance and wellness. Rooted in the interconnected nature of all life, it acknowledges the perpetual flow of energy that envelops and permeates us.
They intuitively address tissue adhesions and energy blockages; such disruptions in this flow can lead to disharmony on physical, emotional, or spiritual planes. This fosters release, equilibrium, and the restoration of self-healing potentials.

Energy Healing Massage offers an approach to various concerns:

• Physical discomfort
• Emotional stress or anxiety
• Enhancing relationships
• Spiritual obstacles or stagnation

Centering and Presence:

These ongoing processes revolve around mindfulness and awareness. The former delves into your core essence, while the latter grounds you in the current moment. Centering refers to recognizing your core being through the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Presence entails fully embracing the now, transcending the past and future. By merging centeredness and presence, you engage with life holistically and steadfastly. Biological centering aims to identify and eliminate the root causes of somatic ailments. As a complex information and energy system, you're comprised of a small percentage of physical body and consciousness, while 95% encompasses the subconscious's layers of information and energy.


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