Dermabrasion Diamond Peel

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Dermabrasion Diamond Peel: Resurfacing and Clarity

  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Flaky skin 

About Dermabrasion Diamond Peel 

The Dermabrasion Diamond Peel is a gentle and safe treatment designed to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin, effectively removing debris such as blackheads, whiteheads, oil, and dirt. This treatment is ideal for individuals with dull, flaky, dry skin, and clogged pores. It also helps improve the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles, and mild to moderate acne.

Scientific Explanation The Diamond Peel utilizes a diamond-tipped wand to mechanically exfoliate the skin’s surface. This process stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen, enhancing the skin’s overall texture and appearance. By removing the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin), the treatment promotes cellular turnover, allowing fresher, healthier skin to emerge.

Ideal Candidates

Individuals with dull, flaky, or dry skin
Those with clogged pores or mild to moderate acne
People looking to reduce the appearance of brown pigment spots and fine wrinkles
Suitable for most skin types, except for those with active skin infections or severe acne


Avoid Sun Exposure: Stay out of direct sunlight for at least one week before the treatment.
Discontinue Harsh Skincare Products: Stop using exfoliants,glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or any AHA or BHA product, or any product that thins the skin for at least 3 days before.
Cleanse Your Skin: Ensure your face is clean and free from makeup on the day of the treatment.
No Skin-Thinning Products: Avoid any products that thin the skin for at least three days before the treatment.
No Electrolysis or Tweezing

Keep Skin Hydrated: Use a gentle, hydrating moisturizer regularly.
Protect from the Sun: Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily.
Avoid Harsh Products: Refrain from using exfoliants, retinoids, or AHAs for at least one week.
Do Not Pick or Scratch: Allow any scabs or flakes to fall off naturally.
Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to aid skin healing.
Limit Physical Activity: Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive sweating for a few days.


• Cuts and abrasions  • Recent scar tissue (minor surgery within 2 years, major surgery within 5 years) • Bruising and swelling  • Sunburn • Recent medium or deep skin peels  • Botox injections within the last 6-8 weeks  • Dermal fillers within the last 4-6 weeks   • Recent laser resurfacing   • Pregnancy   • Laser hair removal within the last week  • Oral blood thinners   • Oral Roaccutane medication   • Neuralgia or loss of skin sensation      • Skin cancer   • Undergoing cancer treatment   • Rosacea   • Anaemia or conditions causing easy bruising   • Bacterial infections (e.g., impetigo, boils, cellulitis, folliculitis)   • Parasitic infestation (e.g., scabies)   • Viral infections (e.g., herpes, warts)   • Fungal infections (e.g., ringworm)   • Autoimmune disorders

Dermabrasion Diamond Peel Timeless Beauty

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