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Arma Derm Cream: Luxurious Relief for Dry Skin

About Arma Derm Cream

Arma Derm Cream, the best moisturizer for dry skin, is expertly crafted to combat dryness and deliver exceptional results for all dry skin types. Enriched with organic sweet almond oil and shea butter, this silky cream provides instant comfort and nourishment to dehydrated skin. Carefully selected ingredients, including algae Padina Pavonica extract and Vitamin E, enhance skin's water-holding abilities, promoting resilience and barrier function. Winner of the 2022 Beauty Bible Award.


Protection Against Environmental Factors: Arma Derm Cream shields against air pollution and dry air, safeguarding skin throughout the day. It aids in restoring UV-damaged skin, maintaining hydration and health.
Boosted Collagen Synthesis: This moisturizer stimulates collagen synthesis, diminishing wrinkles, restoring elasticity, and naturally tightening skin.
Healthy Glow and Youthful Appearance: Regular use of Arma Derm Cream imparts a healthy glow and fresh, youthful appearance.


Apply after cleansing and applying a suitable serum. For optimal results, precede with Meder concentrates, sheet masks, or face oil. Use twice daily, morning and night.


Discontinue use if itching or discomfort occurs, and consult a beautician. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use on compromised skin integrity.

Arma Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science Meder
Arma Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science Meder
Arma Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science Meder
Arma Derm Cream - Meder Beauty Science Meder

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