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Firming cream for breast and décolleté Arma-Bust helps to maintain breast shape and skin elasticity. Arma-Bust is specifically designed to help you maintain the shape of your breasts and the elasticity of your skin, even during periods of hormonal changes or weight fluctuations.
Recommended in Irish Tatler as breast shaping cream, suitable during breastfeeding, to reduce post-pregnancy stretch marks and loss of elasticity.

Our lightweight firming cream is enriched with pure Alpine water, sourced from the eternal glaciers of the Swiss mountains near our laboratory.

Key Benefits:

Organic extract of Kigelia africana fruits tightens the skin and enhances its elasticity and resilience, offering a proven breast-firming effect.
Skin identical niacinamide stimulates natural collagen synthesis and improves the skin barrier function.
Natural pullulan acts as a water-holding prebiotic, helping to restore a healthy skin microbiome and providing optimal hydration.

How to use:
Apply to clean the skin of breasts and décolleté with gentle strokes. Use daily, after a shower.

Arma-Bust firming cream  is the perfect solution for those going through weight loss programs, providing great support for firm and shapely breasts. We have recently updated our formulation with natural soy peptides to enhance skin regeneration during the night and prevent the formation of sleep lines in the décolleté area. This makes Arma-Bust a valuable addition to our circadian night skincare collection, ensuring your skin is perfectly restored while you sleep.
Arma-Bust firming cream is safe to use during pregnancy, as it helps prevent stretch marks and maintain skin elasticity. It can also be beneficial as a breastfeeding cream, supporting your stretching skin. However, it is important to remove all cream from the nipple area before nursing your baby to avoid any potential risks associated with cream intake. Remember, no cosmetic products should be ingested by little children!

If you experience itching or other discomfort, stop using the cream and consult a beautician.

Arma Bust Cream - Meder Beauty Science
Arma Bust Cream - Meder Beauty Science
Arma Bust Cream - Meder Beauty Science
Arma Bust Cream - Meder Beauty Science

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