Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium

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CO2 Gel Mask Premium: Advanced Skincare Innovation CO2 masks, also known as carbonated masks, utilize a unique technology to create carbon dioxide gas on the surface of the skin. This process offers numerous benefits for skin health and rejuvenation by enhancing microcirculation, attracting oxygen, and promoting the penetration of essential ingredients.

Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium:
Our CO2 gel mask premium is an advanced formulation that builds upon traditional CO2 gel masks, offering heightened effectiveness in combating signs of aging and reducing hyperpigmentation.

Research and Development:
Developed through extensive research spanning 25 years, our laboratory has refined the recipe to ensure reliability and comfort in usage. This dedication has resulted in a significant increase in the production of carbonic acid and the incorporation of advanced and natural ingredients.

Key Differences:
Compared to other CO2 products, Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium stands out with:

Improved Formula: Refined over decades of research and technological advancement.
Increased CO2 Production: Up to 40% more than conventional gel CO2 masks.
Enhanced Volume: Gel mask volume increased by 10% and powder by 20%.
Luxurious Ingredients: Combining peptides, ceramides, Cacay oil, and other advanced components.
High-Concentration Vitamin C: Featuring a potent and non-irritating form of vitamin C known as APPS.
Superior Humidification: Infused with rare natural ingredients to boost moisture and microcirculation.

Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium not only enhances skin health but also promotes mental well-being.

Anti-Aging Effects: Instantly revitalizes tired and dull skin, restoring radiance.Key Attributes: Provides shine, lifting, sealing, improved elasticity, and softening of wrinkles.

Mix 2 parts of the mask in a cosmetic bowl.
Apply the gel mask to well-cleansed skin using a spatula.
Leave on for 20-30 minutes.
Remove the mask with a spatula, rinse with warm water, and compress with a warm damp towel.
Follow up with your regular skincare routine.
For best results, use daily for 5-6 days, then once a week.

Discontinue use if itching or discomfort occurs, and consult a beautician.
Rinse thoroughly with water if the product comes into contact with the eyes.
Avoid using on compromised skin integrity.
Prevent lotion from contacting clothes when removing the mask from the bag.
Use only absorbed lotion.

Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium
Mediplorer CO2 Gel Mask Premium

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