Utsukusy Cosmetics: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Cutting-Edge Research

Chemical Peels: Succinic Acid, Glyco Ferulic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Piruvic Acid, Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Alpha-Keto Acid.
The 24K Aurum Treatment.
EC Approval, Dermatologist-Approved Assurance.
Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian/Plant-Based Skincare.
Paraben-Free, Non-GMO.
Rigorous Dermatological Testing.

About Utsukusy Cosmetics :

Utsukusy Cosmetics Journey:

Since 1978, Utsukusy Cosmetics has pioneered the fusion of timeless traditions with cutting-edge research, earning acclaim across professional aesthetics. From its inception with a single product line, Utsukusy Cosmetics has evolved into a trusted brand, offering an extensive range of transformative treatments.

Philosophy and Approach:

Utsukusy Cosmetics rekindles ancient therapeutic practices, integrating them seamlessly with state-of-the-art techniques to create pioneering skincare solutions. Through meticulous study, we harness the potency of natural elements such as plants, water, minerals, fruits, and extracts to nurture feminine beauty.

Product Spectrum:

Our comprehensive selection of face and body care products, accompanied by transformative rituals, embodies a holistic approach to skincare. Tailored exclusively for beauty institutes, medical aesthetic centers, and spas, our offerings redefine wellness and sensorial delight.

Japanese Craftsmanship, Spanish Formulations:

Infused with Japanese finesse and meticulously crafted in Spain, each Utsukusy product emphasizes effectiveness and safety. EC approval underscores our commitment to quality, ensuring a trustworthy experience for our clientele.

Adaptability Defined:

Utsukusy Cosmetics seamlessly integrates into diverse skincare routines, offering a harmonious synergy across its product lines. Whether for the face or body, our formulations adapt to various needs, elevating your skincare regimen to new heights.

Dermatologist-Approved Assurance:

Every Utsukusy Cosmetics creation undergoes rigorous dermatological testing, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety for our valued customers.

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Bioslimming uniquely combines active natural ingredients with a thermal component to target fat reduction, cellulite, and skin firming effectively. It's not just a wrap; it's a comprehensive body treatment that enhances circulation, detoxifies, and tones the skin.

Bioslimming targets cellulite and fat through its powerful blend of essential oils, plant extracts, algae extract, and caffeine. These ingredients work together to break down fat, improve blood flow, and reduce the appearance of cellulite more efficiently than many traditional wraps.

It is advisable to wait 24-48 hours after waxing, laser treatments, using a tanning bed, or visiting a sauna. If the laser treatment was particularly strong and the skin is very sensitive, it is recommended that the client wait even longer before undergoing Bioslimming.

Yes, the results from Bioslimming are designed to be long-lasting. To maintain and enhance these results, we recommend completing a full series of treatments followed by periodic maintenance sessions.

Pressotherapy is a safe treatment with minimal to no side effects. Some individuals may experience slight lightheadedness or temporary redness in the treated areas due to increased blood flow.

No, pressotherapy is not painful. Most clients find the treatment quite relaxing, similar to a gentle body massage. The suit inflates and deflates rhythmically, creating a soothing pressure that many describe as calming.