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Sensitive skin
Dryness / Flakiness

Pregnant skin can undergo numerous challenges, including heightened sensitivity, hormonal breakouts-acne, oily skin, dryness, bloating, hyperpigmentation (known as melasma or "pregnancy mask"), and shifts in texture or elasticity. Moreover, some expectant individuals may encounter acne flare-ups or increased sensitivity to specific skincare ingredients.

​​​​​​​Navigating skincare treatments during pregnancy can be daunting, especially with concerns about safety for both you and your baby. 
It is natural and instinctive to get curious about whether something you do can significantly affect your unborn baby. 

Steps in a pregnancy facial:
Consultation: Discusses skin concerns and tailors treatment accordingly.
Cleansing: Gently removes impurities without harsh chemicals.
Exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion.
Hydration: Applies safe, nourishing masks or serums for moisture.
Massage: Promotes relaxation and circulation, reduces tension.
Mask: Calms and hydrates the skin.
Moisturization: Locks in hydration with a pregnancy-safe moisturizer.

Is it safe to have a facial while pregnant?
Yes! It is safe for Mamas like you to get facials during pregnancy, as long as you’re just getting basic treatments sans chemicals or electric currents.
Safer facial options during pregnancy include hydrating facials, collagen facials, oxygen facials, steam facials, LED facials or ones that feature enzyme peels and extractions.

Can you get microdermabrasion if you are pregnant?
Sadly, no. Microdermabrasion while pregnant isn’t safe because this treatment is likely to scar your extra-sensitive pregnant skin. Besides scarring, microdermabrasion while pregnant may cause breakouts and uneven results.

Is it safe to get a chemical peel while pregnant?
The skin is super sensitive and easily irritated during pregnancy, so it is best if you stay away from abrasive facials and chemical peels when pregnant.
There are safer alternatives for facial hair removal (like threading, for instance) that you can try in lieu of potentially harmful laser facial hair removal treatments. 
So NO, it’s not a good idea to try laser facial hair removal while you’re pregnant.

Exfoliating facial :
For Mamas who are coping with dryness, or dullness, an exfoliating facial in pregnancy is perfect for you.
While treatments like microdermabrasion are not recommended for pregnant women, inquire about mild facial scrubs or consider a pregnancy-safe AHA like glycolic acid or lactic acid.

Deep cleansing:
If you have especially problematic skin, try a deep cleansing treatment. This generally includes exfoliation, extraction of blemishes and massage, followed by a healing mask and moisturizer.

Our beauty team would like to advice  “a must-try treatments” :

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As we dive into each of the different treatments, we want you to keep in mind most treatments are customizable.


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